Sunday, August 19, 2012

PbD Ch#1 - Home Decor

Anyone still there? I know I've been really absent lately. The main reason is that even though we got internet back, the wireless password was reset and I haven't had time to call the internet company to get it from them. Lame, I know. Another reason is that my hometown currently has a HUGE wild fire burning just north of it (Google "Taylor Bridge Fire" and you'll see how huge it is) and I've been coordinating getting donations for over 70 families that have lost their homes. I dropped all of that off yesterday. We FILLED my SUV (Toyota Highlander) and the bed of one of our trucks with donations. God is GOOD! We're coming back in two weeks for Labor Day Weekend and I think we'll be doing it again. It feels so good to be able to help in some way. My dad and some of my brothers friends are fighting the fire and so I also went and bought things that my dad said the guys fighting the fire need.

Anyways, long story short, I have a little time to post so I'm going to schedule as many posts as I can while I'm here at my mom's. I will be calling about the internet when we get home. As nice as it's been to have more non-computer time, I really miss all my blogging friends. :)

Here's my take on Pink by Design's first challenge from their 2nd Anniversary celebration. It was to do a home decor which was perfect because my mother-in-law had just given me this cork board as she was cleaning out some stuff in her old office. It will be perfect for my future craft room but needed to be altered in some way. So I pulled out my all-time favorite stamp set, Make it a Venti, and got to inking. Its definitely more "me" now. :)

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