Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Owl Baby Shower

Hey everyone!! I hosted a baby shower for a high school friend last month and it was so much fun!!! She's having a little boy and is due in a short 3 weeks. The nursery theme is owls so I took it from there and did a blue and grey theme. Loving grey right now!!!

Here's the invites. I love how it stretched my creativity to do something different and the end result was exactly what I had pictured. On the back I put a bigger owl silhouette with her registry information.
 Wishes for Baby. This is becoming a staple for all baby showers. I love peaking at some of the answers people come up with and it will be something to treasure for years to come.
 Cover of the Words for Baby
Words of wisdom for the mommy. I put them on a book ring so that she can hang them in the nursery for those moments when she needs a little advise.
 Favors - I did smarties and the tag says "Thanks for giving a HOOT!"
 I made three of these to put on the food table. Even though my thumb was numb when I was done, they're just so cute! Oh, the gummy bears in the background were because she is craving them. And just so happened I crave them too! :)
 Wreath for the front door. My mom has a thick (think 3-4" thick) door so we a traditional wreath hook wouldn't work. I picked up a magnet wreath hook thing that I thought would work since most of the door is glass. That didn't work either because the glass was thick too. So I turned to my stand-by... packing tape. Worked like a charm and wasn't too noticeable.

Core'dinations - Jet Stream & Elephant
ColorBok - Aqua Stripe
Create a  Critter 2.25 & 3"
Peachy Keen - Bird Faces & More
Spellbinders - Labels Eight

Words of Wisdom:
Core'dinations - Jet Stream & Elephant
Create a Critter 1.25"

Wise Words for Baby:
ColorBok - Aqua Stripe
Core'dinations - Jet Stream & Elephant
Spellbinders - Labels Eight
Cherry Limeade 2" shadow
Create a Critter 2.5"

Friday, March 1, 2013

Can you help?

A blogging friend, Debbie from Workin' Scrappin' Mom of 4, lost her husband to cancer earlier this week. I know that the coming weeks will be extremely difficult with not only the grief of losing her husband and their four children losing their dad. But also having to go through all of the decisions that go along with losing someone. They could really use our prayers over the next days, weeks and months as they process and grieve this loss.

Also, if you would like to make some thank you cards to send to Debbie for her to use, or just send her a card, you can mail them to her at:

Debbie Butcher
1623 Gruenther Avenue
Rockville, Maryland, 20851

I had time to prepare with Noah, but it is still difficult and I used way more thank you cards than I thought I would ever have to use. It's something you don't really think of but this would be a great blessing to her if we could take care of this and make it one less thing that she will have to think about.