Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Award!

I got my second award!!! I got the Stylish Blogger Award from Ashley at Welch Creations.

For this award I have to tell ya'll 8 things you might not know about me and pay it forward to 8 other wonderful blogs!

8 Things About Me:
1. I'm 5' tall exactly.
2. I have a degree in Business Management From Central Washington University.
3. I have a 20mo old son.
4. I have an awesome husband <-- he told me to say this! :)
5. My drinks of choice are: a vanilla latte and a peppermint white mocha. YUM!
6. I hate to pay full price.
7. We own a landscape company.
8. I live in my jeans.

I've given this award to:
1. K Andrew at
2. Stacy at
3. Yolie at
4. Lorie at
5. Jenny at
6. Christie at
7. Cricut Chick at
8. Lauren at

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