Friday, November 26, 2010

Clearing the Clutter Challenge #4

OOPS!!!!! I totally forgot to post this morning. Maybe it was because we (me, Carver, mom and Charlie) woke up at 4:00 am to go shopping. We had a BLAST and I got almost everything on my list!

I don't have any pictures this week for my challenge. Let me explain... Our power went out on Monday after a big storm and just came back sometime today (we're out of town). So since the power was out you'd think that I'd have a lot of time to craft since all my distractions were taken away. Wrong. I wanted to craft... but I wanted to use my cricut. So instead, I cleared a bunch of stuff off my desk and put it in it's home. It wasn't anything that was worth taking a picture of. It was stuff like...
  • Putting new ribbon in my ribbon holder
  • Putting all the things I'm going to need for a couple projects into bins so that it's all in one place
  • Putting away the embossing folders I got awhile ago from Oh My Crafts (see this post)
  • Since I couldn't post the pictures from the baby shower and Sarah's welcome home card, I wrote down all the details so I could post from my Mom's house.
  • Coupons tend to take up residence on the corner of my desk until I can get them into my coupon organizer so I caught up on that (that hadn't been done in forever!!)
I think that's it. I had the great idea to glue some ribbon to the front of a shelf in the laundry room since I couldn't use my cricut... until I remembered that you have to plug a hot glue gun in. DUH! It was very frustrating. Especially when you've got your creative juices going. haha I'll definitely be crafting when we get home on Sunday.

I'm pretty sure that Lorie forgot, like me. But if YOU remembered, leave a link in a comment. We'd love to see what you've cleared off your desk. :)

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  1. Yep, you reminded me and I still forgot! Does it count if I started on a project I've been thinking about f or awhile now? :)