Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Through Rain, Snow, Sleet or Shine...

**I found my mojo!**

Over the last couple months, I have had two packages stolen and I have no idea how many envelopes. When Chris bought the property six years ago, he knew that the area was prone to baseball bat attacks but never this. What heard on the news that a couple areas in the harbor had mail theft but we didn't think anything of it. But after not receiving ANY mail between Christmas and New Years we decided it was time to get a secure mailbox.

We found this one, for cheaper than we budgeted I might add! It looks like a regular mailbox, as you can see, but when you open the door, there's a slot at the top where the mail goes. Then it drops into the bottom part where you need a key to open.

856 - Cuttin' Up (shadow feature) 2"
MAIL - Plantin Schoolbook 1"
Outdoor white vinyl

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  1. It is so silly that you have to do something like that...some people's kids, huh? I do love the letters/numbers!