Monday, September 20, 2010

I bought a...

... PINK CRICUT EXPRESSION!!!!! It was on sale at Michael's for $280 (regular price is $400). We were trying to justify putting it on the credit card when we realized that we had a little extra money in Chris's account and we didn't need to buy any groceries so we paid cash for it!!! I'd told myself that I'd wait until October, when the pink Expressions usually come out, and see if it was on sale. It just wasn't that important to get right away. But Chris decided we could swing it. I love my husband!!!!!

I'll try to post later today with a craft or two. It'll depend on if lil monkey decides to take a nap. He didn't take a nap until 430pm yesterday and then it was only for an hour. Good thing my mom was here or I would've gone crazy. haha

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