Friday, June 29, 2012

Nursing Book

When Carver was born I made a notebook to record when I nursed and changed his diaper (cause doctors want to know that kind of thing) as well as when I took my pain medications. Those first few weeks are a big blur and I didn't want to try to remember when I did those things. 

I made these for a few friends that had babies after Carver was born but sort of forgot about this little time saver until I was cleaning out Carver's dresser and found it tucked away. So off I went to make one for one of my oldest friends that's due next month with a little boy. I think once things slow down a little around here, I'll make a few to have on hand for baby shower presents. :)

I took a pack of notebook paper and cut it down to size for the inside and assembled it. I distressed the edges so it looks worn and I kept it pretty simple. I'm taking it to the post office today so she gets it before baby Max gets here.

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